Images by  @lellopepper

Images by @lellopepper


Orange is the color of the sacral chakra and is associated with the emotional body, creativity, relationships and sensuality. People with orange auras are total thrill-seekers, both emotionally and physically. Need a partner to go skydiving with? Someone to backpack across Europe with? Or maybe just someone to try out that new restaurant down the street with? Look no further, orange aura individuals are down. These high energy beings live life in the fast lane, seeking new experiences left and right. Their blissful optimism and sociable behavior make them quick to draw in new friendships. As long as you enjoy going on adventures, you’ve found a friend in them for life.

Similar to red auras, sex and intimacy are deeply important to those with orange auras. Ruled by their senses and their tireless thirst for newness and excitement, monogamy isn’t always their first choice. The art of seduction and thrill of the chase may take priority over familiarity. However, because their emotional body is equally important, these passionate creatures won’t shy away from a serious relationship either. Communication and openness is what wins them over in the end, as well as a deep appreciation for the creative arts.

When exploring your aura, it’s important to remember that saturation and brightness of color is significant. Bright shades of orange indicate positivity, creativity, sensuality, intelligence, confidence, excitement, and adventure. Dark or murky shades of orange can reflect selfishness, impatience, overindulgence, addiction issues, or trouble committing in relationships.