Images by  @lellopepper

Images by @lellopepper


Pink is one of the rarest colors seen in an aura. Romantic and creative by nature, the different shades of pink reflect different personality aspects and different chakras as well. As pink is a lighter shade of red, seeing a pink aura indicates an activated root chakra. The root chakra rules passion, excitement, security and survival instinct, but since pink is a lighter hue, it shows a more gentle and playful approach than is typical of a red aura. Below is a breakdown of several shades of pink and how they relate to your aura.

Baby Pink

This light shade of pink shows a deeper connection to spiritual senses than the physical realm. Sometimes people with baby pink auras can get their heads a little lost in the clouds as they pursue their spiritual interests. It’s important for them to ground themselves and find balance by saving energy for the people and relationships that are important to them. People with baby pink auras are extremely sensitive. This sensitivity may manifest as clairaudience - hearing things that others don’t naturally detect.

Bright Pink

A bright pink aura shows that you are sensitive, affectionate, and compassionate. Connection and commitment as well as romance are deeply important to these heart-centered beings. In fact, pink can also vibrate at the same frequency as green which indicates an activated heart chakra. Bright pink reflects a strong sense of self and physical and spiritual balance. People emanating this shade make nutritious food, creativity, restful sleep, and meditation priorities in their lives.


On the darker pink spectrum, magenta auras are also extremely rare. The color indicates high vibrations in multiple chakras since it is a combination of blue (throat chakra and third eye chakra) and red (root chakra). This combo reflects a vivacious, eccentric, independent, and artistic individual. If magenta appears in your aura, you are spiritual yet grounded. A true individual, you prefer to march to the beat of your own drum. Some may view you as a loner or eccentric but you are perfectly happy in your nonconformity. Magenta auras are not afraid to get their hands dirty and tend to be more daring and abrasive than other shades of pink auras.

When exploring your aura, it’s important to remember that saturation and brightness of color is significant. Bright shades of pink indicate love, compassion, sensitivity, creativity, passion, spirituality, playfulness, romance, and affection. Dark or murky shades of pink reflect physical imbalance, immaturity, emotional shutdown, manipulation for affection, hypersensitivity, and negativity.