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Images by  @lellopepper

Images by @lellopepper


Violet is the color of the crown chakra and is considered to be the most spiritual hue. People with violet auras have an almost endless capacity for spiritual and personal growth. They are visionaries, with deeply charismatic and powerful personalities. They are so in tune with energy that they function almost like antennas for other people’s emotions. As natural empaths, they absorb information quickly - fear, happiness, thoughts, emotions, desires - you name it, they feel it. Many psychics and spiritual guides have purple auras and most people who possess a violet aura have an innate desire to explore the metaphysical and spiritual realms. Because of their strong sensitivities, it’s not uncommon to find people with violet auras working in humanitarian roles caring for animals, plants, and humans in need. You may also find that those same sensitivities manifest in more time spent in solitude than other colors, as absorbing so much information and energy can feel overwhelming.

The violet aura approaches life as an open book. They crave connection and love to encourage others to open up and share their deepest feelings. People with violet auras make friendships easily, but may struggle to maintain them simply because the scales are imbalanced when it comes to understanding energy. A lot of people want to hide their feelings due to shame and guilt, but there’s no getting past the violet aura, they are simply too empathic. In these circumstances, their circle of friends is typically small and close-knit. The same situation commonly occurs in their romantic relationships as well. Those with violet auras may find love easy to come by but tricky to hold on to, simply because not everyone is prepared for the way their intuition can see past walls and insecurities. When they do find the right person however, bonds are powerful, strong, and enlightened. Purple aura individuals are not ruled by lust. They prefer passionate relationships over one night stands.

When exploring your aura, it’s important to remember that saturation and brightness of color is significant. Bright shades of violet indicate enlightenment, spirituality, intuition, empathy, sensitivity, openness, compassion, psychic ability, high ideals, metaphysical exploration, loyalty, and a deep desire to help others. Dark or murky shades of purple may reflect lack of tact when addressing other people’s hidden emotions, letting others manipulate you out of a strong desire to believe in their goodness, burnout from too much self-sacrifice, frustration that others don’t “see” as clearly, isolation, and imbalance.