Images by  @lellopepper

Images by @lellopepper


Yellow auras embody the term “sunny disposition.” These positive beings look for the joy in every situation and naturally excel in leadership roles. Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra which relates to personal identity and power, independence, opinions, and intellect. People with yellow auras are practically overflowing with creativity and intelligence, and although they cherish their friendships, they are equally just as happy spending time alone as well as with others. Because they are so smart, their high intelligence may sometimes manifest into psychic abilities.

When it comes to relationships, opposites do not attract for yellow auras. They appreciate people with character traits that are similar to their own. Whether it be joy and playfulness, high intellect, connection with nature, or creativity, as long as you see eye to eye with the yellow aura on something you have the chance at a solid friendship. If your aura is yellow, pay close attention to the friends you keep close. Because you have an innate desire to help others, you may sometimes allow people into your life that could drain your precious energy. In romantic relationships, yellow aura individuals tend to lead with their head before their heart. They are just as passionate, loyal, and loving as others, but the key to turning on someone with a yellow aura is through intelligence and wit. As playful as they are, they do not tend to act on lust alone, you have to win them over with your mind as well.

When exploring your aura, it’s important to remember that saturation and brightness of color is significant. Bright shades of yellow indicate positivity, leadership, creativity, intelligence, psychic ability, connection with nature, innovation, confidence, and happiness. Dark or murky shades of yellow can reflect sarcasm, self-criticism, self-limiting perfectionism, stifled creativity, depression, or antisocial behavior.